Potion of the Hound: Mystical Mishaps Series Book 1 by Alicia Scarborough


Helga is a talented young witch of the third order and has never been one to follow orders. Her older sisters think that she's a snarky brat that has a problem with authority especially the Order of Magic Officials. She has been known to slip a few potions into people's drinks because she thought they deserved it.

Unknowing to her that spiking peoples drinks is only the start of her troubles . . .

For Helga has a dark secret that she is hiding from her sisters. Caught up with the wrong crowd Helga tries to wiggle out of trouble by working with a demon. Her plans start to unravel when potions get mixed up and an Order of Magic Official unexpectedly visits their shop creating more problems for Helga.

Can Helga overcome these obstacles and still keep her dark secret from being revealed?

“If you're a fan of magical series, this is the book to read. The first book offers an enchanting story about three sisters that are all witches with Helga the youngest of the sisters with a rebel streak. Read about Helga's mishaps as she mix up potions causing disasters and her secret connivance with a demon.” – JWang

“Oh my goodness! This was such a fun book to read. It left me at the seat of my chair ready to turn to the next page. The author is very talented and I cannot wait to read the next book.” – Tnikki

“When they are witches who know how to use magic to create mischief, solve problems, and drive one another crazy! Great read. Fun characters. Laughter. Suspense. And action. This book has them all.” – Karen M.

“I'm going to keep my review short and simple; if you don't read this book, you are missing out! This book was a great read. It captured my attention the entire time & let's be honest…. made me jealous that I can't practice magic. The author used great imagery, I could see the book play out in my head. I absolutely cannot wait for book 2.” – Rafaella Pinel

“Orphaned as children, three young witches are struggling to get by running their tiny café. When sales start to drop, the youngest, Helga, naively starts selling potions to the TRUE society in a misguided attempt to save the café. All appears to be going well, until the potions get mixed up, triggering a chain of events that threatens not only the witches but their friends as well. Harry Potter fans will love Helga’s crazy antics in this fast-paced, imaginative story.” – HRH