The Eloah Series Boxset by Lex Allen

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The Elohim, an advanced human race on an Earth parallel universe, send their best teacher, Eloah, back to our reality to stop the potential nuclear annihilation of our reality and theirs. Eloah, dismayed that his teachings two millennia ago have become distorted and misinterpreted, is determined to stop the destruction of the world and tell the true history of our evolution. He will also deliver an ancient secret to the Pope that could cause a complete restructure of the Catholic Church.

Can a devoted atheist change his spots? Jack Schmidt, a retired Special Forces Command Sergeant Major, is an internationally successful blogger and hard-core atheist. Eloah throws his world into a nosedive. With the help of Dr. Elizabeth Washburn (his mate over many past lives) he comes to believe in a life beyond.

The first black pope has an ancient and shocking history. Recently elected Pope John Paul II, Sebastian Smythe must confront his first crises, the Second Coming of Christ. How will he deal with this monumental event? How will he deal with the revelation Eloah brings him that will send shock waves throughout Christendom and shatter his own personal beliefs?

Reincarnation… truth or allegory?
Kate Barrows, a film student at American University in Washington has never felt right in her body. She’s adrift, seeking… something, when she meets Eloah. What she learns about herself and him rocks her world while sending her on an adventure few can imagine.


“His knowledge of the Bible, first century events, quantum physics,and current science is remarkable. The story is imaginative and interesting. He keeps even the skeptical reader riveted to the outcome.He does a better job than Dan Brown.” Seeley James.