The Cavanaugh House by Elizabeth Meyette

When Jesse Graham unlocks the door to the deserted house she inherited from her Aunt Helen, she doesn’t realize she’s unlocking secrets that had lain dormant for years. Someone doesn’t want those secrets unearthed and will stop at nothing, even murder, to keep them hidden. Questions about her aunt’s death lead Jesse to investigate events surrounding it and the people involved, but she uncovers a web of deceit that reaches far beyond the occurrences of twenty-eight years ago. Still reeling from a broken engagement, Jesse finds it difficult to trust anyone, even her self-absorbed mother. Her dearest friend Maggie, aka Sr. Angelina, is her lifeline to sanity. Joe Riley is irresistible, but secrets obstruct involvement with him until Jesse can solve the mystery of the Cavanaugh House.

The spine-chilling epilogue grabbed by attention immediately! I recommend this novel to lovers of Mystery/Thriller, Paranormal, Fictional Crime, and Romance genres.
~CeeCee Lawson, The Literary Melting Pot/Romance Bookworm Reviews