The Caribbean Endeavor by Larry Andrews

When newbie CIA agents land a plum assignment on-board a Caribbean cruise, undercover as newlyweds, they become entangled in more than just mere observation of a partnership forming between a New York Mafia family and a Colombian drug cartel. Matters get complicated when a competing cartel wants in on the same action and the discoveries at sea evolve with developing relationships and intrigue. Come aboard and let author Larry Andrews take you through a 12-day journey, round-trip New York style, packed with mystery, murder, and suspense. Bon Voyage!

The Caribbean Endeavor is a beautiful cruise ship ride and a tale well told about CIA agents that become just as involved with one another as they do with their jobs. A Mafia Don is outsmarted in an interesting way that keeps the reader involved. A major cartel, an Interpol agent and a daughter of the Mafia are all intertwined. The ports of call put you in setting to make for a most enjoyable tale – pure entertainment reading..