Love’s Vow by Melissa Storm

Love is patient…

It’s been nearly a year since Ben Davis first laid eyes on Summer Smith, the woman who would be his saving grace. Now on the eve of their wedding, the entire town of Sweet Grove is in chaos. The wedding garden never bloomed, the flower girl has the flu, and the ring bearer won’t stop biting everyone!

Love is kind…

Ben’s father is back in town for the first time in years and has brought his new wife and family with him, testing the limits of Susan’s recovery. Meanwhile, both the maid of honor and the pastor are stuck out of town and may not even make it to the ceremony in time. And if diner matriarch Mabel refuses to take her retirement seriously, she just may end up at the hospital instead of the wedding reception.

Love never fails.

It’s First Street Church’s first wedding of the season, and nothing is going as planned. Can this small Texas town pull together to give Ben and Summer a wedding they’ll never forget?

“What a beautiful story the things that happened , just made me want to keep reading to know what was going to happen next. It just shows you what a small town should be. I know once this series is finished I will be rereading them all, can not wait for the next book.” ~ Amazon Reviewer