Elements of Karma by CR Robertson

Ethan Tourmaline is a powerful Pentagonal Elemental who has recently discovered his heritage – stolen as a baby from his family and raised as a Werewolf, he now finds himself as the heir of the Tourmaline kingdom. He learnt honour and loyalty as a wolf, and now he is thrown into the magical arena where power is the currency, and dominance the goal. Ethan is a drop-dead gorgeous dangerous predator with deadly magical abilities that could bring the Otherworld to its knees. His intense gaze focuses instead on one woman, who has the strength to capture him with one look of her sapphire blue eyes.

Electra Obsidian has hidden from the magical world for years, immersed in her work as an earth Elemental, in the ancient jungles of the Otherworld. Her peaceful world is torn apart the night her friend insists they visit Club Fae, where she meets the irresistible and funny Ethan who starts tearing down every barrier she has carefully placed around her heart. A white Werewolf is her greatest fear, the man behind the wolf her greatest fantasy. How can she resist him when he is hell-bent on captivating her with the strange voodoo magic his eyes have over her?

Alongside their supernatural friends they awaken ancient magic in the race to release Ethan’s father from the malevolent clutches of the Tourmaline King.

Evil hides in the shadows, alliances are forged, sacrifices are made, and love proves more powerful than magic.

“Wonderful creative imagination from C.R. Robertson. She has written a captivating and fascinating story that captures the reader's attention from the beginning. A strong alpha hero and a powerful determined heroine – a hot sizzling romance intertwined with elemental magic and a memorable supernatural cast of characters – It is light hearted and dark at times – all this gives superb depth to the story line with the reader reaching the conclusion that love is the most powerful magic of all. Recommended!” – Amazon Reviewer