Bear in Mine by Lenore Harper

When a young shifter girl’s parents are violently killed, Emily Matthews is sent in to help her cope with her tragic loss by using her unique gift. The only problem is that using her gift always throws Emily into a whirlwind of debilitating pain. However, she’s happily surprised when she finds solace in the shifter’s older brother.

It breaks Jackson Brooks’ heart to see his sister trapped within her grief, quickly fading away from life. Although his Itan has brought Emily in to assist, he orders her as far away from his family as possible. Jackson doesn’t care that his bear screams mate – he wholeheartedly refuses to mate with a simple human like her.

Just when the pair find common ground to stand on, Emily’s gift suddenly puts them at odds with each other. Jackson is forced to decide whether to fight for the special connection that’s brewing between them, or retreat to his initial assessment of humans and belief that Emily is using him and his baby sister for her own personal gain.

It has a touch of everything. Shifters. Empaths. Love. Hate. Anguish. Acceptance. Fate. Wow. Just wow. I can't wait to explore this world farther. Beautifully written. -Amazon Reviewer