Him (The Migrator Series Book 1) by Caitlin Mazur


Amelia Adkins used to think time travel wasn’t real. That was before she met a time traveler named Ben, and discovered that time could physically touch you. And kill you.

When Ben’s journey to the past goes sideways, it forces a crash landing dangerously close to Amelia’s sister, Faye. Her sister is inflicted with a deadly disease, and only Ben's distant team of time travelers have the cure.

In a race against time, Ben, Amelia, and Faye travel across the country in an attempt to save Faye’s life. For Ben, her death could mean an end to his career. For Amelia, it means losing the only family she's ever known. For both, life as they know it will never be the same.

Defying the rules of time will cost them all.

“Interesting read. Took a turn I hadn’t expected and the characters. Cannot wait to read the next book. The writer pulls you in right at the beginning, just like any good read.” – Amazon Reviewer