Feylin Lore: Reflections by P.A. Wikoff


Talia is a mysterious woman with a complicated past. She is a fighter who keeps her thoughts and feelings well guarded. While fulfilling her destiny, she meets Hark—a man whom she is inexplicably drawn to. Little does she know, her life will play out before his eyes during the very moment he intends to destroy her. Hark develops a deeper understanding of Talia's past as her secrets are revealed to him. Will Hark choose his feelings over the fate of the world, or is it much too late?

In this post-technological age, supernatural powers emerge within the gifted “feylins,” leaving the mundane antiquated. Reflections is a story of love, loss and sacrifice.

“P.A. Wikoff expands the fantasy genre to amazing new territories in his debut novel. Beyond its incredibly creative premise and intriguing twists, the depth and emotion of the central characters make the novel what it is – an evocative, magical journey into a dangerous new world.” -Levon Jihanian, Danger Country