The Secret Life of Cooper Bennett by Golden Czermak


COOPER BENNETT is a high school senior living a hard and abusive life.

One night, a monstrous burden is thrust upon him with the potential to unlock the better life he’s always wanted; one filled with love from the girl of his dreams and strengthened childhood friendships.

However, the effects of his actions do not go unnoticed.
Grayson Manning and his athletic son Liam see things far differently, doing everything in their power to destroy all Cooper has affected before he and the dangerous Lance Goddard manage to do the same to them.

Sparks fly when alpha shifters and dark forces clash in this epic paranormal adventure that turns the sleepy town of Goodman, GA upside down.

“Get ready for one hell of a ride riddled with twists and turns you won’t see coming. Czermak held nothing back! ” – USA Today Bestselling Author HJ Bellus