Three Wishes by Lisa Manifold


After a long night of eating too much ice cream and lamenting her less than wise choices, Tibby Holloway wakes up to find a freelancing djinn sitting on her bed. He makes her the offer of a lifetime: three wishes – three chances to go back and change her life.

She can choose a different career, find the man she loved and lost – in short, she can go back and do everything right this time.

But there's a catch.

Once she's gone back three times, once she’s created three new—and hopefully better—realities, the djinn will decide where she ends up.

Maybe it would be better not to even know … but that’s a chance Tibby will have to take if she wants to have her THREE WISHES.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Excellently different!
January 28, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Have you ever thought you wanted a do-over, or how your life would have been changed had you made a different choice? Tabitha has that opportunity with the wishes, each taking her back to living out a different choice. It was fascinating, and choices now are racing through my head! I often think about the novels I’ve read, but this one has challenged me to look back at my choices in a thoughtful pondering. I loved it so much!! – Mama B, Amazon Reviewer