Sweet Beginnings by Nicole Ellis


A surprise inheritance. An even more surprising chance for love.

Dahlia Winters lives a free-spirited, carefree life…until she inherits a deteriorating small town bookstore and reluctantly moves to Candle Beach. The sooner she can get out from under the bookstore and its mounting debts, the better. Until then, she plans to rekindle old friendships and sketch the beautiful coastal scenery.

What she doesn't factor into her plan is her enigmatic and handsome new neighbor…

When Garrett Callahan first lays eyes on Dahlia, he’s instantly smitten, and that’s precisely why he must stay as far away from her as possible. No matter how hard he tries to resist, life and circumstance keep throwing them together. But when he learns of her financial troubles, he can’t help but want to lend her a hand, and eventually, his heart – if she’ll have it.

How can her friends convince her to stay in Candle Beach and fight for the bookstore's survival? Will the flighty girl with big city sensibilities scare Garrett away or will she open his eyes to the possibility of happily-ever-after despite their differences?

The Candle Beach Sweet Romance series novels are “clean and sweet” contemporary romances that can be read as standalone novels and have happily-ever-after endings with no cliffhangers.

“Wow! Sweet and amazing read. I was blown away with the story, I could not put it down. Wonderfully written with strong characters. I want to read more from this author.” ~Amazon Reviewer