Reign of Crowns by Dani Hart


Being a Dupree is much more than Josephine bargained for.

All Josephine Anne Dupree ever dreamed of was being a normal teenager. However, she was anything but. She was the next heir to Dupree Heights and now that she was sixteen she was invited to the debutante court. Although she loathed the debutante program, she was excited at the prospect of meeting other kids her age and leaving the estate she had been imprisoned to. What she didn’t expect was to fall in love with someone well below her station and fall prey to the jealous eyes of the other girls. When a court becomes a circus, Josephine begins to discover the truth behind her father’s death, secrets of the city buried deep in its history, and the strength she will need to lead the city into a better future.

“For those who read and loved Keira Cass' The Selection, Dani Hart has a new series that's perfect for you! Reign of Crowns, Book 1 in the Dupree Heights series is very similar in the romantic sense of young girl on verge of womanhood thrust into the world of love with every eye upon her. Paired with our favorite classic fairytale​s, Hart changes things up a bit in her post cyber attack dystopian world. Josephine is sheltered, ignorant of the world she is to lead and unable to trust anyone but the notes of her dead father. Torn between two men, Josie must choose who to trust her head or her heart.” ~ Southern Vixens Book Obsessions