Olympus Nights on the Square by Vanda Writer


What if your love was illegal? What would you do?

It’s 1945. Juliana wants to be a star and she has the singing voice to do it.
Alice (Al) is determined to make Juliana into the star she wants to be.
The worst thing that could happen to Juliana is to be discovered as gay.
The worst thing that could happen to Al is to lose Juliana.
Al must guard their secret at all costs.
Will the gossip columnists and the new laws destroy them?

If you like stories about 1950s Manhattan and behind the scenes drama in theater and nightclubs you’ll love, Olympus Nights on the Square: Book 2 of the Juliana Series. You can begin the series at any point without being lost. Olympus is sexy, funny and deadly serious; it’s full of mobsters, the FBI, McCarthyism, gay bashing, lesbian pulp, a beginning awareness of transgender persons and “cures” for homosexuality. A lot like now.

Even though Olympus is Book 2 in a series, it can be read as a standalone with no problem.

One of the roles of fiction is to put muscle and skin on the bones of history. To read about the oppression of LGBTQ people and how they lived in spite of it in a history book is enlightening, and to read it in fiction is to make it alivel. But this is not a “gay” book any more than a novel set in a concentration camp is a Jewish book. This is a book about people dealing with oppression while they try to live large. That is of universal interest. Amazon Reviewer

…The plot action in these NYC post-war years involving the mob's role in nightlife, the FBI's surveillance of dissident voices and the societal clampdown on all things queer makes “Olympus Nights” an honest-to-goodness page turner. Phillip J. Crawford, author of Mafia and the Gays.