Love’s Silver Lining by Becky Muth


Tucker Mason knows all about life's ups and downs. Moving back home to Sweet Grove, Texas promised him stable memories that his failing mind could rely on as his dementia progressed. With his devoted wife, Caroline, at his side, he decides to enter a clinical trial to help stave off the worst of his dementia symptoms and help build relationships with friends both old and new.

Caroline Mason believes in the sanctity of marriage. She and Tucker have stuck together through some trying times including infertility, early retirement, and now his dementia. After they move to Sweet Grove, he makes a startling confession that puts her in a precarious position. She can't leave her husband stranded in his hometown…but how can she forgive him now that she knows the truth?

Tucker and Caroline will need to rely on new friends and old in Sweet Grove if they're going to find the silver lining in this stormy, transitional time in their lives.

“Dementia in any form is so difficult a disease for everyone. Becky Muth brings us a story about this effect with well-drawn, likable characters. As they make this journey, a silver lining is found.” – Bernadette Cinkoske's 5-star Amazon Review