Children Of The Band by Ben Marney


FBI Special Agent, Joe Jensen was born in a hippie commune in 1970 and spent his childhood traveling like a gypsy with his parent's rock band. It was the era of sex, drugs and rock ‘n' roll and no place to grow up.

Now at 44, as one of the most respected profilers in the FBI, Joe thought his wild and crazy rock ‘n' roll childhood was just a bad fading memory. But all those memories come rushing back, when he is assigned a case to investigate seven murders stretching over three decades. Joe is devastated when he uncovers undeniable evidence of this serial murderer that points to someone in his family band… his father.

I loved this book!!! I love all mysteries. I have usually only read Mary Higgins Clark books along with books that she has written with her daughter and also the books with Alafair Burke, so I think Mr. Marney's book was just as interesting and exciting to read. I love trying to figure out who the murderer is, and I can admit, in Mr. Marney's book, I was totally shocked on who the murderer was. I like the excitement when you are so surprised especially when you thought you knew how the book was going to end!!!! Just an over all good book and I so enjoyed it!!!! I hope he continues to write more.