Age of the Ashers by Diana Tyler


Eighteen-year-old Chloe Zacharias is perfectly content being an outsider. But an ancient prophecy has different plans, plans to catapult her into the middle of an ages-old war between beings she only thought were mythical.

Petros is a well-oiled machine of an empire. Everyone’s life is mapped out perfectly, from the day of their birth until their much anticipated Coronation at age seventy-five when they’ll become ruler of their own personal paradise. But when it becomes clear to the powers that be that Chloe could uncover their secrets and dismantle their world, the rulers of the Underworld send cunning Hermes on a mission to destroy her before she can realize who – and what – she is.

Recruited to assist in the mission is Orpheus, famed poet and romantic musician who will do anything to reunite with his beloved Eurydice. If he can charm Chloe into believing false information about her true identity, the rulers of Hades and Petros will be placated, he will join his bride in Elysium, and every Petrodian citizen will continue believing the horrific lies that have corrupted their world.

Filled with magic, mystery, and sprinklings of Greek mythology, Age of the Ashers is a young adult fantasy adventure for those who love to get lost in the world of make-believe.

“I am a sucker for mythology, and I was sucked right into this book. The characters are fantastic, the story gets more interesting each page.” – Amazon Reviewer