Shifting Moon by Hope Worthington


Logan Canino isn’t exactly like your other high school boys. While many would be worrying about new crushes or college applications, he knows that he is about to embark of an endeavor of extreme importance.

Remy West, a high school senior at a Long Island school, understands handling pressure. Many think that she leads a charmed life as a cheerleader and member of the popular crowd, but she looks forward to reading a good book more than throwing a big party. When she meets Logan, the two instantly form a deep connection.

Remy’s classmate Daniel Gatto dislikes this new student intensely. He has been aggressively flirting with Remy for years and hasn’t taken the hint that she just isn’t interested. When Logan and Remy get serious about each other, Daniel becomes threatening and ominous.

As the three navigate high school relationships, Logan’s past will be revealed to Remy. He’s hiding something supernatural, and he’s not the only one. Entwined with the teenagers’ adventure is a glimpse of life in ancient Rome and a 1900s-era prep school. The three stories connect in unexpected ways as Remy’s destiny is revealed to readers.

“This is a perfect book for young teens. It deals with falling in love, learning that sometimes you have to deal with evil in this world and shows the importance of trust in a loving relationship. The story moves swiftly and surprisingly between reality and fantasy and never disappoints you. I highly recommend it.” – Amazon Reviewer