Dog Health Care: 7 Simple Ways To Keep Your Dog Healthy by Rachele Baker, DVM


Is it normal for dogs to have bad breath? What vaccines does your dog really need? Does it really matter what food you feed your dog? In this book, Dr. Rachele Baker shares the knowledge that she has acquired during more than sixteen years as a practicing veterinarian. Even people who have had dogs for years will be sure to learn something new in this book.

Dr. Baker received her B.S. from the University of California Davis in 1997 and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2001. Dr. Baker wrote this book to provide dog lovers with the information they need to keep their dogs healthy in a simple, brief, yet comprehensive, manner.

You may be able to help your dog avoid developing medical problems like skin infections, ear infections, and more, by following the simple preventative care recommendations that Dr. Baker discusses in this book. Preventative care is much less expensive than paying for veterinarian exams, diagnostics, and treatments for your dog when your dog develops medical problems.

Dr. Baker gives you the information you need to help keep your dog healthy broken down into seven simple ways: 1) nutrition, 2) weight control and exercise, 3) dental care, 4) flea and tick prevention, 5) heartworm prevention, 6) ear care, and 7) vaccinations.
Here is a brief overview of what you will learn when you read this book:

Chapter 1: The Best Nutrition For Dogs and Puppies:
The food that your dog receives plays a vital role in your dog’s health. A good quality diet will provide all the essential nutrients in the proper proportions. Dogs’ nutritional needs change as they age. This chapter discusses the best nutrition for newborn puppies, growing puppies, adult dogs, and older dogs. Raw meat diets and foods to avoid feeding your dog are also discussed.

Chapter 2 – Part 1: Keeping Your Dog At A Healthy Weight:
Dogs that are overweight are at increased risk for many health problems including heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis. The most effective weight loss plans involve increasing activity as well as feeding fewer calories. This chapter discusses how to determine if your dog is overweight and what you can do to help your dog lose weight if needed.

Chapter 2 – Part 2: Fun Exercise Options For Your Dog:
Read about fun exercise options that you can enjoy with your dog (whether your dog is overweight or not).

Chapter 3: Taking Care Of Your Dog’s Teeth:
Keeping your dog’s mouth healthy has beneficial effects on your dog’s overall health as well as dental health.

Chapter 4: Protecting Your Dog From Fleas and Ticks:
A dog that is being bitten by fleas will scratch and chew their skin which can result in hot spots and skin infections. This chapter discusses the signs that your dog may have fleas and how to eliminate fleas from your dog, your house, and your yard. Ticks, tick-borne diseases, and how to remove a tick from your dog are also discussed.

Chapter 5: Protecting Your Dog From Heartworm Disease:
Heartworm disease is a serious disease transmitted by mosquitoes. If you live in an area where there are mosquitoes, then your dog is at risk of contracting heartworm disease.

Chapter 6: Keeping Your Dog’s Ears Clean:
Keeping your dog's ears clean helps to prevent ear infections.

Chapter 7: The Right Vaccinations For Your Dog:
This chapter discusses when puppies and adult dogs should receive their vaccinations, when those vaccinations should be boostered, and the diseases that vaccinations help to prevent. Learn about which vaccinations are considered “core” vaccinations for all dogs and which vaccinations are optional based on a dog’s lifestyle and potential for exposure to specific bacteria or viruses.

This book is a must-have for all dog lovers!

“Bought the book and read it in one night. Was sooooooo very informative and interesting. Loved it from start to finish, thanks Rachele Baker for putting such informative, creative and intelligent insight into this writing!!! Will be reading and referring to this book many times in the future. So very happy I bought this book from a wonderful writer!” – Denise, Goodreads