Two Moons of Sera by P.K. Tyler


The land-dwelling Erdlanders don't know about her.
The amphibious Sualwets reject and resent her.

Serafay is anomaly, an unwanted outcast from both worlds. Fearing the people who tortured and experimented on her mother's waterborne race, Sera remains hidden and isolated, feeling like she doesn't belong. When she meets a stranger, Tor, another misfit like herself, Sera realizes that she's not alone, finally discovering a sense of home. With the war between the Erdlanders and Sualwets escalating, will Sera and Tor ever be safe from the dangers surrounding them?

“Two Moons of Sera is without doubt the most beautiful book I've ever listened to. It lifted my spirits and I felt like I was soaring high enough to touch my very own ruby moon.” – Melanie Preston Lewis