Noah Zarc: Mammoth Trouble by D. Robert Pease


Noah Zarc has a life most kids only dream of – traveling through time on an immense spaceship, seeing the wonders of the solar system, and experiencing the vast history of Earth… before everything on the planet was destroyed. His family's mission is to repopulate Earth with life retrieved from the past. Of course, nothing ever goes as planned.

His mother and father vanish during an operation to Earth’s ancient past, and together with his brother, sister, and an orphaned girl from the Ice Age, Noah sets out on a quest through space and time to rescue his parents and bring them back to the 31st century.

Yet, as they soon discover, his parents' disappearance was no accident. The Zarc family is being systematically hunted by a dark foe who will stop at nothing to thwart the Zarc mission, even if that means destroying all life on Earth… again, including everything, and everyone, Noah holds dear.

“This is a wild ride from the word ‘Go'. I totally recommend this book to kids and adults, alike who enjoy falling into the pages of a book and being swept away in a world created just for them to enjoy. Great book!” – Susan Livingston, blogger at Fascinating Books