Fireheart by John G. Hartness


Rachel doesn't know what's weirder – that there's a dragon in the woods by her school, or that Scott Morrison actually thinks she's beautiful. Or maybe it's the elves. Yeah, it's totally the elves.

It was an ordinary weekday for Rachel Hampton. You know, like every day – you wreck your bike on the way to school because the gorgeous queen snot of the universe slams on the brakes of her spanky little convertible right in front of you, so you swerve to miss her and get run over by Scott “Oh My God” Morrison who is so nice and so cute and so out of your league. Then there's dodgeball in gym, which not even getting in a bike v. car argument earlier in the day will get you out of, because your gym teacher is a sadist, and of course then you hear the explosions, because no matter how much you scream at your geologist father, he can't stop the mining company he works for from blowing the top off a nearby mountain and destroying the environment, but it's West Virginia, so it's not like explosions are a new thing around here.

But then the dragon wakes up. And everything gets really, really weird.

Fireheart is a new standalone novel from John G. Hartness, the award-winning author of The Black Knight Chronicles and the Quincy Harker, Demon Hunter series.

Fireheart is a fun YA book. – Julie Dismukes, Amazon Reviewer