One Chance by Daniel Patterson


A small-town cop struggles to stay true to her faith as she investigates the most challenging case of her career—one that will bring up dark memories from her own past.

Not much happens in Franklin, Florida, and that's just the way Officer Penelope Chance likes it. So when she gets the call about an attempted murder and learns her brother stands accused of the crime, her blood runs cold.

Penelope believes her brother is innocent, but she's going to have a hard time proving it when he can't remember the events clearly himself. What starts out as a hit-and-run quickly turns into a murder mystery that leaves Penelope questioning herself and the people around her.

How far will Penelope go to prove her brother's innocence? Can she find the strength in her faith to uncover the truth…no matter the cost?

Find out in One Chance, the thrilling first book in the Penelope Chance Mystery Series.

“The twists and turns kept my attention from the first chapter until the final page.” ~Amazon Reviewer