Looking for Love by Barbara Goss

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Fiona jumps on a train heading west to escape her traumatic past. Through an exchange with a woman on the train she ends up in Hays explaining to Sam Jordan why his mail order bride isn’t going to arrive. She is invited to stay with his family where a plot develops in her mind: if she marries her name will change and the law wouldn’t find her. Which man should she try to marry, Sam or his minister brother Martin? Events occur that select the man for her. What if he discovers her past? Or, what if she discovers his? All books in this series are stand-alone reads.

It just goes to show that when you do something its best to take responsibility for it rather than running away from the consequences which are sure to haunt you.
Fiona chose to run and until she faced what she had done and taken ownership of her actions, she couldn't find peace of mind.
I loved the acknowledgment of love by both Fiona and her husband. It was so touching.
I will admit to being a true fan of Barbara Goss' writing. She is so talented and keeps you glued to the very end of each of her stories.
Tom Jordan has once again narrated the story and done a great job of it.
I am really enjoying this particular series and look forward to listening to some more of them.
An audiobook version was provided by the author at no cost and this is my honest and unbiased review. 21 reviews and all of the 5 star. by Zena