Heavy Weather by Normandie Fischer


A single cop. A childless woman. An almost-dead mama and her two little ones.

All bent on stopping a murderer.

Annie Mac’s estranged husband vows that nothing will keep him from getting his baby girl. Not Annie Mac and certainly not that boy of hers.

But then comes the town of Beaufort, with Lieutenant Clay Dougherty in the lead, ready to do what it takes. Whatever that is.

As a Kirkus reviewer said: “… the book's strengths lie in its suspense and vivid characters, whose personalities and small-town relationships are truly believable….” Barbara Davis wrote: “A deep and lovely story about the unshakable bonds of friendship and the healing power of love.”

From the author of BECALMED comes this latest tale of the Carolina coast, introducing some new characters to love–and to loathe. “A wonderful voice in Southern women's fiction.” B. Claypole White.

Grab your copy today of this 2016 Finalist for the Maggie and the Colorado Award of Excellence.

Heavy Weather Delivers!
Heavy Weather is both beautifully written and artfully narrated. The story is full of tea-on-the-porch southern charm and just-one-more-chapter suspense. Full of aw…moments, heartbreak, love, and second chances, Heavy Weather more than delivers the thoughtful and touching story we've come to expect from Normandie Fischer story. And I can't say enough about Laura Jennings. Her narration really brought the characters to life for me. S. Srock, author and Audible reviewer