Devour by R. L. Blalock


The virus is spreading. People are dying, but they don’t stay dead.

As the undead rise, Olivia Bennet is forced to fight for her life and that of her eighteen-month-old daughter, Elli. The only hope Liv has is to reach a farm forty miles away. But the streets are fraught with danger. The infected everywhere. And all it takes is a bite to become one of them.

As the world crumbles around her, Liv must fight for her survival or die like so many others. What other choice does she have?

“I'm a die-hard zombie fan and can never get enough of The Walking Dead. R.L. Blalock nailed the spirit of the genre. Blalock starts off with a bang and finds a great balance between emotional and dramatic tension and doesn't shy away from the grit of zombie fiction. Loved the characters, especially Elli and Liv. I look forward to the next book.” -Book Addict