A War of Deception by P. A. Duncan


When retired U.N. spy Mai Fisher leaves a diplomatic reception on a cold, rainy night early in the new year of 2001, she dashes for the first cab she sees. The driver has a tattoo Mai has seen before on Serbian paramilitaries. Suspicious, she forces to admit he was waiting for her–to deliver her to the Russian Mafia.

After almost 40 years as a spy for the United Nations Intelligence Directorate, Alexei Bukharin is glad to be alive to enjoy time with his wife, Mai Fisher, and to finish raising his college-student granddaughter, Natalia. When Mai calls him out of bed to bring her dry clothes after she takes an information drop from a Serbian diplomat, he discovers she's suffered something that can be death for a spy, retired or otherwise: Someone knows her true identity.

A raid on the Mafia apartment where Mai was to be taken uncovers something more devastating. The thugs have a photograph of Natalia at her university. The investigation becomes two-pronged–who burned Mai, and why is the Russian underworld interested in Natalia?

Their investigation uncovers a Russian mole in the FBI, one who's sold secrets to the Russians for almost three decades.

Alexei discovers the reason behind the interest in Natalia and realizes a decision he made in 1974 has come back to haunt him.

But…how is it all related?

Personal needs, professional standards, and a choice from the past collide in a war of deception.

“A War of Deception is a page-turning thriller unlike any I've read. With engaging, believable characters, knife-sharp dialogue, and a riveting plot, Duncan paints a timely and frightening picture of a new cold war between Russia and the West. Or maybe the spies have all gone rogue? You won't want to stop reading until you find out. And you won't be disappointed. Highly recommended.” –Clifford Garstang, author of What the Zhang Boys Know, winner of the Library of Virginia Literary Award for Fiction