The Vestals Conspiracy: A Novella by Tomasz Chrusciel

Prequel To The Nina Monte Mystery Thriller series

Nina Monte, a renowned professor of ancient religions, receives a cryptic message. Her former mentor and a prominent Italian archaeologist, Filippo Oliveri, needs her to come to Rome—he believes only Nina is capable of understanding the true significance of his new discovery.

But when she finally reaches the excavation site, Oliveri is gone. Instead, Nina comes across a series of clues that somehow connect an ancient prophecy, a mystical ritual, and a masterpiece of Michelangelo himself. But soon the magnitude of the discovery lures those who will stop at nothing to solve the mystery and, once and for all, silence everyone who stands in their way.

If you love historical mysteries, don’t miss this gripping read! “The Vestals Conspiracy” is a stunning introduction to the Nina Monte Mystery Thriller Series.

“A fast-paced and exciting tale about buried antiquities and the hidden society that exists to protect them.” — Readers' Favorite

“The author does a good job packing a lot of action into a short novella. I was entertained throughout.” — Goodreads Review

“An extremely well-written novella that is set in Italy.” — Amazon Reviewer

“This story totally had me hooked. It was glorious.” — Amazon Reviewer