Long Gone Man by Phyllis Smallman

Book 1 in the Singer Brown Mysteries series

Things can go wrong when you set out to kill a man. On the isolated island of Glenphiddie, Singer Brown finds someone has already done the deadly deed – and now the killer is coming after her. But life on the streets has taught Singer a few tricks about survival. With an Agatha Christie plot, that twists and turns before delivering a satisfying unraveling of the secrets, it’s a terrifying story set in the Pacific Northwest. This is the first book in a new series for this award-winning author.

The more I got into the book, the more I realized I won't be leaving my house, or showering, heck.. even eating. I will read and read and read, because I MUST get to the end of this book. I just wasn't expecting such a great story. I loved the character development, and as it turned out I LOVED Singer! Now…… I need more. ~ Heather ~ Amazon reviewer

Winner of the Gold Medal in the Mystery/Thriller category for 2014 by the Independent Publisher's Association in New York