Eloah: No Heaven by Lex Allen


Earth—rife with political corruption, corporate oligarchy, and religious fanaticism—stands at the precipice of a nuclear world war that could destroy us.

Eloah, the biblical figure known as Jesus, returns to help, but first he must reach the hearts and minds of the people, and resolve the fundamentalist misinterpretations that created our religions. To accomplish his mission, he enlists the help of three old friends who knew him in a previous incarnation… 2000 years ago.

Eloah’s public announcement and display of supernatural abilities in Cologne, Germany, followed by a shooting at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., sparks a flurry of activity. His enemies gather quickly, ranging from government agencies, to the Vatican, to a fanatical detective.

Yet none is more dangerous than an evil being with powers equal to those of Eloah, one intent on turning the world into his personal playground, crushing all who stand in his way.

“His knowledge of the Bible, first century events, quantum physics,and current science is remarkable. The story is imaginative and interesting. He keeps even the skeptical reader riveted to the outcome. He does a better job than Dan Brown.” – Seeley James.

“Mr. Allen's ability to weave fiction with historical events while building this story just plain worked. “Eloah: No Heaven” is an engrossing read, and will give the reader much to ponder.” – Readers' Favorite Book Reviews

“Eloah: No Heaven,” while revolving around the apparent ‘second coming of Christ,' is many things, but one thing it isn't is ‘Christian Fiction.' Reasonably open-minded fans of that genre may enjoy this book, but those who explicitly avoid it will too.” – Big Al's Books & Pals