Antonio and Sabrina Struck In Love Book 1 by Chiquita Dennie


When VP Executive Sabrina Washington goes out one night with her girlfriends to get over a breakup, she stumbles upon Antonio De Luca a man who is headstrong, dangerous, intimidating, and sexy. The cautious and by the book Sabrina is shocked by her sudden feelings that this man brings out of her despite his alpha behavior. She is constantly fighting to get away, and he's fighting to keep her close. Unable to resist Sabrina's sassy, sexy, and independent spirit, Antonio finally gets her to submit to him and stop running.
Scared and thrilled by Antonio's erotic tastes, Sabrina learns more about what pleases her and him in the bedroom. Keeping his life as a club owner in the forefront and dealings as a mobster behind the scenes and away from Sabrina. Antonio is a man torn between his family's lifestyle and the need to live his own life as a business owner. When the couple embarks on a passionate love affair, Sabrina will find all of Antonio's good and bad sides, while discovering her own.

K Scott
5.0 out of 5 starsAntonio and Sabrina's sexy flirtations teased and left me anticipating …
November 17, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Antonio and Sabrina's sexy flirtations teased and left me anticipating the next installment. I hope the steam increases between the pair, as they seem destined to test out a somewhat forbidden relationship.