Icefall by Mica Stone


Her leaders turned ice-locked Earth into a bitter land. His cause could save the planet.
Together, they’ll change the course of history…

Reynal's dream of shattering the cloak of ice choking out the sun suddenly seems possible when the eighteen-year-old delivery boy discovers he is the secret key in a two-hundred-year-old plan to end the perpetual Ice Age. But Rey soon learns the tyrannical high-tech rulers will stop at nothing to keep Alice from arriving, making Rey a target.

Odessa can’t wait to start her new MEDcadet assignment on Earthland. But when the genetic hatchling witnesses her superiors murder her professor, the security force pins the crime on her and her fellow podmates. Before a cruel and unjust punishment can be carried out, Odessa's desperate cries for help are answered by someone she never expected… a rebel boy.

Torn between her loyalty to her leaders and the rebel forces she once considered enemies, Odessa must make a terrifying choice. As Rey embarks on a mission to save Earth, his trust in his former enemies could be his undoing.

The fate of Earth hangs in the balance, and Rey and Odessa may be the ones that determine who lives and who dies…

Impeccable world-building and a cast of compelling, heroic characters you will root for in a nail-biting mix of adventure, science, and survival. One of my favorite reads this year!

– Jennifer Echols, Award-Winning Author