The Meaning of Finding Coins: Messages & Spiritual Insights by Kimberly Ahri


What if the simple act of picking up a coin could begin a heavenly conversation so mystical that it altered the way you view life? That is what happened to this author. In 2010, Kimberly Ahri began to find coins everywhere—every single day. This curious experience lasted for weeks, prompting her to pray for guidance and ask the question, “Is there meaning in finding coins?” The answer changed her life and initiated a wonder-filled journey that infused her spirit with hope during some of her most challenging times. Her journey also revealed spiritual insights and messages in the coins sure to help anyone feel more connected to the divine in life. This book is an answer to her calling: To share the information given to her so others may experience the same sense of encouragement and wonder. What if you could enter into a divine conversation that would give you a sense of love, reassurance, and comfort—every single time you find a coin? You can. And you've already been invited.

From the beginning: If I told you that picking up the random coins you come across could add a whole new layer of depth and meaning to your life, would you find that hard to believe? I mean, really, is finding a quarter, or a dime, or a penny on the street a big deal? Yeah. It really could be. What if the coin, as you picked it up, gave you a sense of love and support that only your mom could give you, even though your mom’s in Heaven now? What if you suddenly felt able to let go of financial concerns that were plaguing you? What if every time you found a coin in a most unusual way you understood that you’d just been invited to enter a state of wonder, enjoy the life-enhancing benefits of that wonder, and were able to relax into the soothing comfort of divine reassurance? What if, from past experience, you knew that an oddly placed coin was sent as a loving reminder to take a step back and review what’s going on in your life? What if you knew the coin served as an affirmation that you’re on the right track? What if, over time, you came to believe that these remarkable experiences are actually part of ongoing communication from the divine realm? Would you feel less alone in this world? Would that add meaning to your life? It certainly has added meaning to mine. This book is the result of one long chain of events. I experienced interesting encounters with random coins and I began to talk to others about what had been happening. When I brought up the subject to those who’d already had their own unique coin encounter, they smiled at me knowingly, eyes twinkling, eager to talk about it, like we were part of some special club. Then, I wrote a post on the subject and put it on my blog. The post turned out to be some type of energetic call sent into the Universe to expand my awareness on the subject. (I later learned that I’d opened up what my guides call “an energetic pathway.”) I began to record the information that was being “downloaded” to me with the inkling it was meant to be a book. The “download” was not just about coins. In addition to the meanings and possible reasons that people start to find coins in ways that are just plain hard to ignore, there was also an interesting blend of spiritual insight. Some of the reasons people find coins you’ve probably already heard of. Some of the reasons will surprise you.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It really encouraged me to stop and take in the wonder of a Universe that is so much larger than what I can see in front of my face ~ Amazon Reviewer