Hoagie & Katie by Rio Koviak


Hoagie finds himself in a strange world after his hamster ball rolls a bit too far from home. Adventure ensues as Hoagie makes an unlikely friendship with Katie, the capybara, who has also wandered away from her family.

The two embark on a journey that leads them through wonder, danger, and surprise as they meet a memorable roster of characters as they search for home.

…[a] good book to challenge young readers to move beyond their favorite picture books, and wanting to read more ‘chapter books’.
The author concludes this first adventure on a positive note with some good lessons learned.
I look forward to the next adventure of Katie and Hoagie. Young readers who are
​really into animals will find this to be an enjoyable book.

“A sweetly illustrated, charming tale of adventure and discovery, family, and surprising friendships among the denizens of an enchanted swamp.”
—MARK BURSTEIN, President Emeritus of The Lewis Carroll Society of North America