The Birth of Magdalena by MB Antevasin


~Keeping secrets makes us sick.~ But what if you have never been allowed to speak your truth?
As she gives birth for the first time, her plans for a well-prepared natural birth are pushed aside. To make sense of this traumatic birth, Mb is forced to reexamine her entire life and the circumstances that brought her to this point. In the stories that we keep secret, we hear the betrayals of trust that keep victims frozen in their wounds. M.B. Antevasin asks the difficult questions that we all want answered.
~Breaking the silence holds the key to healing.~
There is nothing like becoming a mother to make a woman find her courage and push through her fears. This is a recipe for true transformation. As a mother she demands more; from herself, from the world on behalf of her children, and on behalf of all women.
This is a healing journey through the exquisitely powerful lens of birth and motherhood. From Cesarean birth to VBAC, to an empowering home birth, this insightful narrative verbalizes her transformation from a victim into a woman with her own power and her own voice. Throughout The Birth of Magdalena, M.B. Antevasin provides resources, tools, and inspiration for other mothers and survivors to create a new story for themselves and for their children.

“This book contributes to the discourse on women's birth experiences and how powerful they can be, both negatively and positively powerful.”
-Tisha Graham CPM, ICCE, ICD, CLC

“A brilliant voice in the darkness, M.B. Antevasin brings extraordinary insights that provide a healing path for mothers everywhere who find themselves in unhealed trauma, yet having to hold tight while they parent their own children. Relatable, raw, and full of wisdom, we find ourselves uplifted with hope and a new, powerful way to gracefully hold both the beauty of motherhood and the unexpected gifts that it can bring.” Goddess Oceana

This book is one woman's story of becoming a mother and finding core pieces of her own identity as she tries to parent her children in the best possible way. The book is a truly heartfelt read as it speaks to the challenges of giving birth in a technological society, and raising children in a culture that lacks an understanding of conscious parenting and in which conscious parents find very little support. I applaud MB Antevasin for her courage and willingness to reveal her struggles so that others might grow. And I applaud her capacity to become fully herself and to share that journey with us all. This is an important book I hope everyone will read.
~Jeanice Barcelo

This account of vulnerability and honesty concerning pregnancy and motherhood reaches into your very soul. This authentic fearlessness is given to us as she hopes to spare others of what can happen when a mother listens to anything but her own intuition. It also validates every last thought a woman has about the journey…the good, the bad and everything in between.
~Christina Peck

As MB Antevasin says, books tend to come into our lives when we most need them. This book did just that for me. I was done giving birth a long time ago, but I still found so much I needed. It's not just about birth, but about what it's like to be a woman and a person in the world today, struggling to find footing and meaning. The book has amazing heart, honesty, and courage. A relevant and awakening read for anyone who is searching.
~ Jesi (Amazon reviewer)

Fabulous read. Any person working with women and families during the childbearing year needs to get this book. The author explains how childhood experiences can affect women when they have their own children. I can't recommend it enough! Ami B. Breese Wonderful book about a personal journey to healing. Easy to identify with her ‘good girl' stories. A great tool for women to help them process their own birth experiences.
~Bridget (Amazon reviewer)