When Love Takes Over by Katina Gavin


Cameron Savage is brave on the battlefield but not in matters of the heart. The marine’s last girlfriend left him wounded, and he feared he’d never fall in love again. But the new girl in his life is special, and he’s not going to let anything ruin their connection…
Between her studies and her career, Kim never had time for romance. With her life in order, she hopes the shy, brawny marine could be her one true love. Little does she know that Cameron has vowed to protect her virtue and virginity until their wedding night…
As Cameron’s newfound abstinence keeps Kim from getting the intimacy she craves, their relationship takes a turn. Is their love strong enough to make it to the honeymoon?
When Love Takes Over is the third book in a series of steamy contemporary romance novels. If you like sizzling foreplay, real-life intimacy, and stories of true love, then you’ll love Katina Gavin’s emotional tale.

**** I have read all of the series so far, and have enjoyed them all. This book, was not my favorite, but it helped fill in some of the questions I had from the first two books. The characters could have been a little more fleshed out, however, it was still a fun book. I will be looking for the next book in the series.