The Real Thing by Marina Simcoe


Marcus the Magnificent — the world’s newest and greatest Illusionist! He became my obsession the moment I saw him walk across the sky on nothing but air. His talent and abilities fascinate me, his good looks reign over my imagination, and the mystery behind his mask keeps me awake at night.
My infatuation with him is what leads me to the greatest discovery of my life. He isn’t an illusionist at all — he’s the real thing. Little do I know that solving his mystery only reveals a small part of what makes him the incredible man, he is; the man who makes me experience a true miracle – the miracle of falling in love.

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Warning: The Real Thing is a paranormal romance that contains graphic descriptions of intimacy and some violence. Intended for mature readers.

“This is the second book I’ve read of this author and I must say the woman knows what she is doing. I liked Marcus, he was fun and straight forward for a character with such a huge secret. But it was the girl in the red dress that stole the show for me. I felt like I could relate to Angela in so many ways.” – Goodreads Reader
“This a surprising blend of contemporary romance with paranormal blended in. The characters and plot are very strong. ” – Amazon Customer.
“This was dark and sweet, and sappy and scary, and fun. I had fun reading this book. I definitely recommend it.” – Amazon Customer.