Waiting for Darkness by Fionn Jameson


Centennial City, a beacon for preternatural creatures. Nothing's too wild for this metropolis, but it just might've met its match in Tanith Quinn.

Tanith Quinn is a vampire with a lot on her mind. After all, it’s hard to be human when you’re so used to being a monster. Between fighting off her constant blood lust, a witch with more than just friendship on his mind, and a seductive werewolf with a thirst for her body, she's a walking time bomb. And that's not to mention the entrance of an old friend who would like nothing more than to see Tanith dead.

One minute, the hunter. The next, the prey.

But Tan's got a few tricks up her sleeve…and she doesn't mind using them to save the ones she loves.

Even if it means she has to take on the world

“Heartbreaking, deadly, entrancing. A terrible wonder of an ending. Leaves me wanting more.” – Amazon reviewer “ReaderGirl16”