The Best of Friends by N. J. Lindquist


When the new doctor’s family moves in across the street, easy-going high school senior Glen is happy to show their son around the small town, unaware that his tranquil life will be the first casualty of Charlie's arrival in town.

With his good looks, charisma, athletic ability, and sports car, Charlie soon has the whole town in his corner.
Except for two people:

Nicole, the prettiest girl in town (and the pastor’s daughter), has no intention of dating Charlie—no matter how many times he asks her.

Luke, Glen’s best friend since kindergarten, dislikes Charlie on sight and longs to wipe that arrogant smile off his face!

As Glen assists Charlie in his quest to date Nicole while trying to sidestep the hostility between Luke and Charlie, he faces major problems—some life-threatening, others life-changing.

“Lots of page-turning dialogue, Christian POV, and real life teen issues make this a great series to purchase for teen readers. So many teen books out there you do not want your teens reading. These you can feel confident to give as gifts.” Crystal E. Miller, professional book reviewer