Mountains Wanted by Phoebe Alexander

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Dr. Sarah Lynde is an open-minded sexual adventurer. A sociology professor and single mother of two, she thinks she knows exactly what she wants, and it's not a relationship.That is, until she meets Army First Sergeant James McAllister, a handsome and intelligent ROTC instructor. Despite being from very different worlds, their connection is unlike anything she has ever experienced. Sarah knows she and James don't want the same things, but he's still a mountain she can't resist climbing.

“Be prepared to lose some sleep…you will not want to book this book down. Also, you'll want to read when you won't be interrupted, because there are several hawt, hawt, hawt moments. Along with all that steam is friendship, humor, discovery, acceptance, heartache, hope and love. I have such a book hangover and can not wait to get my hands on Mountains Climbed.” – Mom's Guilty Pleasure