Cowboy to the Rescue by Linda Ford

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Montana, 1890
Jake has served 5 years in prison, convicted of robbing a bank his identical twin robbed. When he gets out, he searches for his brother, intending to make him pay back the money and afford Jake some sort of justice. Instead he finds his brother’s widow Clara, and her three little girls (ages 6 months, 3 and 4), his nieces. Vowing to protect his brother’s true character rather than shatter their memories, he plans to move on and leave them in peace. Only life isn’t that simple. Clara needs help to deal with an unscrupulous rich neighbor and the after affects of a tornado. Jake is the only one willing to lend her a hand. But can this pair face the truth about the dead husband and brother? Most of all, can they follow their hearts and trust their love for each other?

“A heartwarming book of love and trust and justice.” Goodreads reader comment
“If there was a real fairytale ending, this book had one.” Goodreads reader comment