Sold Out by Dark Kent


When the disappearances begin, the world starts to panic. Mysterious earthquakes destroy some of society's most secure penitentiaries, and efforts to recover the victims prove fruitless. The government doesn't seem to care about finding the bodies. When an expedition led by the families of the missing breach one of these prisons, they discover that there are no bodies. The victims haven't been buried under the rubble-they are somewhere else entirely.

As Carl, a reporter, begins investigating these bizarre events, he gets the scoop of a lifetime. His source claims that the prisoners were handed over to the Grikiduals, an alien species intent on conquering Earth. Carl can't believe it, but then his source mysteriously dies-and enormous ships begin appearing in the sky.

As the invasion unfolds around him, Carl takes refuge in an abandoned tank with his friend Frank. Surprised by a knock at their door, the two discover another group of survivors. Having found their hiding place, these new allies propose to help them locate and defeat the new alien overlords.

Carl isn't sure whom he can trust. The world has changed since the ships arrived-and the aliens aren't the only threats to humanity.

This book's intuitive with energetic dialog