Sleepers by Darcy Pattison


Jake Rose’s family beach vacation is shattered when militia attempts to capture his mother, the alien ambassador. A test-tube baby, fifteen-year-old Jake is half human and half alien; he has both lungs and gills. But he’s wholehearted in his determination to protect his mother from Earth’s extremists.

He’s been raised on the “other” blue planet, Rison. However, in a horrifying science-gone-wrong scenario, Rison will soon implode. The aliens are reasonable. They only ask to be allowed to live in the seas. After all, the seas are empty, right?

Will humans be able to open their hearts—and planet—to an alien race?

SLEEPERS is the first novel in an action-packed science fiction series, The Blue Planets World. It’s a thrilling first-contact and alien science fiction tale of survival among the galaxies.

“. . .a captivating SYFY thrilling adventure. . .” Amazon reviewer