When Love Returns by Lorana Hoopes

Presley Hays and Brandon Scott were best friends in High School until Morgan entered their town and stole Brandon’s heart. Devastated, Presley takes a scholarship to Le Cordon Bleu, but five years later, she is back in Star Lake after a tough breakup. Brandon thought he’d never return to Star Lake after Morgan left him and his daughter Joy, but when his father needs help, he returns home and finds more than he bargained for. Can Presley and Brandon forget past hurts or will their stubborn natures keep them apart forever?

Omg, I totally loved this book!
In the first place was grateful that it was totally clean, but the best thing was the characters in the story. I loved Brandon and Presley, and especially his daugther Joy. It is a heartwarming story and I can't wait to follow up the other characters in the series. It's funny and totally romantic at the same time. You just feel with Presley and Brandon as they struggle to rediscover their feelings for each other and confront the obstacles that Brandon's ex Morgan throws in their way. I would totally recommend this boo!! Loved it! – Patricia Hinojosa