The Callaghan Brothers Series by Abbie Zanders

The Callaghan Brothers is a series about seven brothers. All former SEALs, they have returned home to the fictional town of Pine Ridge, Pennsylvania, to live and work in the close-knit, predominantly Irish community.

Just because they're officially out of the military doesn't mean they're retired, though. Together, they comprise an elite, off-the-books team run by their father, also a former SEAL and Vietnam vet.

While they all share the trademark Callaghan jet-black hair and startling blue eyes, each brother is unique in both his skills and his personality. Singularly, they are formidable. Together, they are unstoppable.

Their biggest challenges come when they meet the women destined to be theirs. They call them their croies, or “hearts”, and once they find them, there's no going back. Their perfect matches are every bit as strong and stubborn as they are, and winning their hearts isn't going to be easy.

Each book is a stand-alone, HEA, but no two are alike. The series runs the gamut from steamy to sweet, suspenseful to contemporary, but first and foremost, they are all love stories.

“Fabulous, spell binding, heart endearing series.” – Amazon Reviewer