Into the Darkness (Special Edition) by A.M. Rycroft

Death seems more appealing to Aeryn than continuing a haunted life. Her father's quest for Aric, a sword of untold power, consumed him. Now it's her turn. Breaking the curse that guards the sword is no easy task and she quickly discovers why.

An unspeakable evil lurks around it.

Aric's master, bound to the sword even in death, tries to warn Aeryn of the danger. But his warning comes too late. The Harbinger and his Darkness escape.

Playing hero was never her thing. But as the death toll rises and a young thief begs for her help, Aeryn knows she must make a choice. Will she leave the people of Cathell to their unthinkable end or try to master the sword's powers to stop The Harbinger once and for all?

Get a deeper view into the world of Cathell with the appendices, histories, and the prequel “The Fall of Tynan Selvantyr” included in this edition.

“An excellent read, one which I wholeheartedly recommend to any fan of fantasy, horror, or any combination thereof.” — Amazon review

“A great deep dive into dark fantasy […] A.M. Rycroft successfully creates a world the reader is ready to get lost in.” — Amazon review