Unraveled by Lisa-Marie Cabrelli


Claire needs this job, even if keeping it feels like an exercise in survival. But how can she survive when her creepy boss, Nick, promotes her to a role she doesn't understand, especially when it's clear he expects something in return? Things get more complicated when she meets the unbearably sexy vice-president. He's cold, intimidating, and incredibly distracting. Can Claire save her job and her heart, even when lies and sabotage are on the horizon?

The last thing Satish needs is for Nick to saddle him with another one of his floozies. He has more pressing issues on his hands, like a rebel little sister gone out of control. But Claire Black is different… and irresistible. Now everything he's worked for is threatened, and his secrets are about to be exposed.

Can Claire and Satish hold onto their carefully planned lives? Or will their collision change everything?

Unraveled is the first book in the Jersey Girls series. If you like fast-paced, breezy, chick-lit with loveable characters and a dash of intrigue and suspense that will keep you turning pages, you'll love Unraveled.

Pick up Unraveled today and discover the secrets that rock Claire's world!

“Must Read. A Keeper. A brilliant and compelling storyline…I cannot wait to take another journey into the world of the jersey girls” An Amazon Reviewer