Uneducated by Giacomo Giammatteo


Did you ever find yourself at a dead—end, not knowing where to go, or which way to turn?

I’m sure Steve Jobs did, or Bill Gates, or Leonardo da Vinci, or Ben Franklin, or any of our twelve presidents who didn’t have degrees. But that didn’t stop them. They didn’t give up. They gathered their wits, made a plan, and persevered. And look where it got them!

Not everyone becomes a billionaire, obviously, but it *is* achievable. Many of the people in this book did it. You can too.

This book is truly an inspiration for people who haven't managed or had the opportunity, to make their way through the system of higher education. The author provides an astounding list of people in very successful positions whose personal drive and intelligence drove them to dig in their heels and work for what they wanted. In the process, they gained hands-on experience that proved every bit as valuable as a vaunted college degree. The style and the tone of the book are illustrative and encouraging. I give the book five stars for being an excellent motivator. ~ Jeanne, editor and writer.