The Witch who Couldn’t Spell by Katie Penryn


Penzi ‘s a clever and hardworking young barrister who happens to be dyslexic.

She’s just about coping with bringing up her two younger brothers and her new practice in London when her absentee father’s will arrives from his lawyers. Not only does he instruct her to move the family to France, but he also tells her she was born a white witch.

A white witch of all things? Penzi’s highly skeptical. She has no time for such silly things as magic and witches.

“Take up the fight of good against evil,” her father goes on. “It’s in your mitochondrial DNA and can no longer be denied.”

“We’ll see about that,” says Penzi.

But fate gives destiny a nudge.

Their new home is a crime scene.

Their long-lost mother is arrested for murder.

Now, Penzi could do with all the skills at her disposal if she’s to clear her mother, but how can she learn the magic she needs when she can’t even read the Book of Spells?

Enter Felix. Who or what is this intelligent, green-eyed, hunk of awesome purrrrrrfection?

A girls got to do, what a girl's got to do and Mpenzi is nothing short of AMAZING!!!
Very surprising the depth of the character development as well as the continuing story line. I got just one book in the series to try thinking ‘oh godness, yet another witch book'. I want to say I was so pleasantly surprised that I ordered all the others in the series. I am happiest when a feline plays a major role. Check! I like a fiction deep enough to involve you and leave you waiting for the next eagerly. CHECK! I like characters real enough and earnest enough to make you want to know more about them. CHECK! Good job Ms. Katie. Keep up the god work! You have to start with this one to understand the rest. This authoress is building a GREAT cozy series! — Amazon Reviewer: “Cat of all Cats”