The Walls of Arad by Carole Towriss


When Arisha flees Canaan, she finds herself in the Israelite camp. Under Miriam’s care the young woman begins to heal, but Israel's matriarch is close to death. She wants to be assured this abused and abandoned young woman will have a good life, and she entreats Zadok to marry her.
Zadok is the grandson of Bezalel, architect of the Tabernacle, and great-grandson of Hur, advisor to Moses. Selected by Aaron to shepherd the Tabernacle flock, he has a gentle spirit Miriam believes can help heal Arisha's heart.
The Canaanite king of Arad has heard about the mighty deeds of Israel’s God, and fears he will be destroyed as Egypt was. When Arad goes on the offensive, Zadok will have to make a choice. This time a shepherd’s heart cannot save Arisha.
This time, she needs a warrior.

Carole Towriss does not disappoint! Her background research is quite impressive, but are secondary to the emotion her writing elicits. The reader feels the loneliness of Arisha, the suppressed desire of Zadok to go to battle rather than tend sheep, the grief felt by the whole people of Israel, and the fear of the captives in Arad. I eagerly await what's coming next! ~Amazon reviewer